About the Flag


The McGill U.S. flag is the first of its kind to have been carried coast to coast, step by step, for the entire duration of the journey by a United States-born veteran. While several individuals have undertaken to carry a U.S. flag from coast to coast, the majority of walkers accept rides for significant portions of the trip and lack reliable documentation of their journey. McGill is the first American-born veteran to document such a journey without traveling any of the distance via vehicle.

Beginning on April 23, 2014 in Kill Devil Hills, NC, the flag was carried over 3,200 miles to its destination on the Santa Monica pier, arriving slightly over a year later on April 29, 2015. As can be expected, this historic flag had to undergo several repairs during its year-long trek across the continent; eight total repairs were contributed during the trip by local tailors and cloth workers.

Carried as part of a national prayer walk, the McGill U.S. flag received significant media attention as it made its way across the country, which aided in the documentation process. Additionally, several local and state municipalities have awarded various tokens of gratitude and recognition for the walk, including a Day of Recognition in the state of Tennessee and several keys to the city across the nation.

The flag itself was made in the USA from domestic materials, certified by the FMAA and manufactured by Annin Flagmakers.